Bespoke Wedding Photography

Tell Your Love Story

Your wedding day is one of the most significant and memorable days of your life, and as a Scotland/Ireland based wedding photographer, I’m here to help you capture those memories that will last a lifetime. I believe in building a unique and customised experience that captures the essence of your day and the love story that brought you together.

What sets me apart as a wedding photographer is my commitment to building genuine friendships with my clients. From our first consultation to the final delivery of your images, I’m here to be your ally and support system throughout the entire process. I understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and my goal is to make the photography aspect as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Celebrate the Moment

My approach to capturing your day is to tell your story. I take a documentary-style approach to wedding photography, which means that I focus on capturing the natural moments and emotions that make your day so special. From the first kiss to the last dance, I’ll be there to capture it.

Beyond the traditional posed shots, I strive to capture the mood of the day and the personalities of everyone involved- you and your partner, your guests, the transformation from build-up, to ceremony to, reception; all of it. My aim is to create images that not only look beautiful but also feel authentic and true to who you are as a couple.

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If you’re looking for a Scotland or Ireland based wedding photographer who will provide a unique, tailored experience and capture your own love story in a way that is authentic and true to you, then look no further. Let’s create some unforgettable memories together and start a friendship that will last a lifetime. Get in touch with me today to learn more about my process and approach.

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“Andrew is simply the best there is, and having built enough trust with him and the amazing work he did on my professional headshots and my beauty brand Dr Pod I have returned to Andrew to do my wedding in June of 2022. He is a delicate and accomplished hand with the camera, he takes great care to discuss the style of photos we were looking for and gave me realistic expectations. Andrew took time to meet Cameron and I before the wedding to have a proper chat and highlight to him what we wanted and listened to his expert advice and suggestions of photographs for the day.

On the day he was so personable and always taking great care to work in harmony with the vibe of the day with our families and friends. Sometimes all that is required is subtlety and he totally delivered the full day in his photography. He really is a connoisseur in his photography within his field, and instinctively will understand your needs by making a casual assessment of your needs as soon as you walk through the door. He takes his time and will also tell you if something won’t work or look right and will only take the photos and deliver the photos which will look the best for everyone.

He is simply as good as it gets in this field. You’ll also feel empowered and upbeat around him. He is a very funny and extremely engaging individual and immediately makes you feel comfortable while he’s taking photographs. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to have their wedding photographed, professional headshots or even brand photography.

Honestly the best photographer I have used to date.”

-Dr Rita Poddar


Wedding Photo FAQ’s

What you need to know

How much does wedding photography cost?

My packages start at £1,620/€1,845 and all packages are available to pay in monthly installments.

Just as the average cost of a wedding can vary dramatically, so too can the cost of the photography. Although, generally speaking, couples spend an estimated 5-15% of their total budget on the photography.

If you are budget driven, prices for local photography can be lower than £500. For those who are quality-minded, prices can push past £5000. I’m a believer that you get what you pay for, and it is always worth investing in high quality images if you intend to treasure them for years to come.

What does wedding photography usually include?

At the very least, any wedding photography package should include photography coverage on the day as well as finished images to a similar and comparable standard to the photographer’s portfolio.

From Glasgow to Galway Photography offers a range of options and extras, dependent on how you’d like your wedding to be captured. From engagement and pre-wedding sessions to online galleries and beautifully printed wedding albums – I can customise packages to suit your budget, taste, and style.

How much should I spend on wedding photography?

This is a purely personal choice and budget is often the deciding factor. At From Glasgow to Galway Photography, my prices are based on a balance of affordability, flexibility, quality of service, and standard of finished images.

Whichever package you opt for, you can be assured of my commitment to these core values, so every couple receives the best service.

Why is wedding photography important?

Wedding photography has a longevity that supersedes wedding videography. Videos, whilst nostalgic, are often lost in the attic as technology advances. Born in the ‘80s, I still remembermy dad harping on about Betamax being the future of the home cinema experience!

In addition, photographs, especially those in print, have a certain mystique to them. As a child, I spent hours poring over my grandparents’ photo albums, fascinated by the captured moments and backstories of each one.
It is this desire to capture the moments, feelings, and spirit of your day so you can relive it for many years to come that drives my work at From Glasgow to Galway Photography.

How would you describe your style of photography?

It’s a little bit traditional, a wee bit photojournalistic, a pinch comedic, but generally based on the vibes I get from my clients. For example, if you are an interior designer I may opt for particular colour themes and include details such as the carefully chosen fabrics and table settings. Similarly, if working with a couple of film buffs, I may create more cinematic images.

It all comes down to your individual tastes and interests, as well as the overall look and feel of the wedding

Do you edit the wedding photos?

Yes, having been a portrait photographer for several years – retouching my own images and editing those of other professional photographers – the editing process forms part of my signature style.

Sometimes, the idea of ‘edited’, ‘photoshopped” or ‘filtered’ photos makes people squirm. However, I prefer the term ‘post-production’; in my opinion, these subtle edits are as much a part of photography as the camera.

The reason I say this is that cameras are pretty dumb when compared to the human eye! I like to edit people to mirror the way in which I perceive them, not how a camera tells me something looks.

I have a back-catalogue of images available for couples to browse so you can see the level of editing involved. No major surprises, just a tiny touch of artistry to elevate your images!

How do we receive our wedding photos?

Shortly after your wedding, you will receive a selection of digital signature edits, followed by an online gallery link to all the edited images. The online gallery is connected to a local and trusted print service from which you can order prints.

The link to the online gallery can be shared with your friends and family, and all content can be downloaded till your heart’s content!

Who owns the copyright to the wedding photos?

All copyright belongs to From Glasgow to Galway Photography so please be aware that you cannot sell my images or use them for advertising without mutual agreement.

This also means individuals should not make any additional edits to the final images supplied.

Do you travel outside of Scotland or Ireland for wedding photography?

Absolutely, I love travelling and my new passport is begging to pick up some miles! Having spent a good portion of my adult life overseas (mostly Italy… si, io parlo un po’ d’italiano!), there are many places that I would love to return to and discover anew.

Rates for wedding photography outside of Scotland and Ireland will be dependent on a range of factors, including the number of days travel required, insurance costs, and work permit prices, and will be priced up on an individual basis.

Should my wedding photographer have insurance?

Whilst not a legal requirement, I am of the belief that a photographer who does not have insurance clearly doesn’t take their profession seriously and will therefore not take their clients or their wedding day seriously.

From Glasgow to Galway Photography is therefore fully insured to give you the peace of mind that your special day is in safe hands.

What happens if it rains or frogs fall from the sky on the day of the wedding?

If you have ever spent time in Scotland or Ireland, you’ll be well aware of our four seasons in one day. It is true, Scotland and Ireland are rainy countries, but that is what helps make them so lush and beautiful in places. I say, embrace it!

I don’t mind getting wet but will avoid it where possible. Just make sure that any mascara worn on the day is waterproof!